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Two Patches for X41 Tablet

Recently I have finally switched to a ThinkPad X41 Tablet for my everyday computing need. I said “finally” because I actually had the machine since more than a year ago (Sept 2005), but it had more than a couple issues that kept me from relying on it solely. I remember being asked on a trip why I brought two laptops along. :P

The good news is that Microsoft has fixed two of my issues over the summer. If you are using a X41 tablet as well (already there are five in my group), here they are:

  • Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API during hibernation: hot fix 909095
  • The mouse pointer or pen pointer behavior is irregular in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005: hot fix 920295

The latter is particularly important since it makes the tablet a lot more responsive when the CPU is under load. I can’t imagine how I could have lived with a “jumpy” cursor for over a year…

Now if only someone makes a fast and reliable 1.8″ harddrive…