Parasitic SEO is not a Victimless Crime

Having been hacked too many times for parasitic SEO, I have decided that it’s time to upgrade our admittedly outdated wordpress installation. In the process, we lose quite a bit of functionality because of incompatibilies. Right now I am very short on time due to thesis writing and so I don’t know when I will be able to fix these problems. The one I really miss is the event calendar since I actually use it myself!

Frankly, I have considered “folding” completely since at this moment of my life I really don’t have the time, but then I figured that some of the existing content may be useful to others and so I decided to spend my time this way. Hope this is the right choice!

  1. I have many blogs and it seems that every time that I turn around it is time to update again and it seems that I fall behind. I guess it’s the nature of the beast if you want to keep your security of your blogs updated.

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