FriezeFest 2005 and FOCS 2005

This will be a “long weekend” for many of us. :P

On Friday and Saturday, there will be FriezeFest. As of this morning, all the abstracts for FriezeFest are up. There is already some press coverage about FriezeFest on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

On Saturday afternoon, there will be two FOCS Tutorials, colocated in the same building with FriezeFest. Subhash’s session is also listed on the FriezeFest schedule, so he may get an interesting mix of audience in the auditorium. As for Bernard’s, well, he may get some “competition” from FriezeFest, but then he’s going to get a hardwood floor ballroom. At CMU we hold a lot of music and dance events there. If there can be music before his session, would it be Jazz?

FOCS will be in downtown Pittsburgh from Sunday to Tuesday. The program has been published for some time. Of special note is the panel discussion at the business meeting on Sunday night. The topic will be “Exciting the public about (theoretical) Computer Science”. Does that mean we need more beverage or less beverage during the business meeting? :P

Incidentally, there is also a joint meeting of the National Association of Science Writers and Council for the Advancement of Science Writing in the same hotel with FOCS. Their theme will be about Science in Society and New Horizons in Science. Perhaps we can get some science writers to come over to the business meeting and get them excited about TCS?

Finally, there is an increased number of talks at CMU this week due to people flying in for FOCS. You can see the long list of events on the frontpage of this blog. Oops, Dorit Hochbaum is about speak in this week’s OR Seminar in roughly -5 minutes… Got to go.

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