Theory Town Meeting?

Although the first theory lunch of the year won’t be until September 14, I’ve received a suggestion that we could hold a lunch and town meeting of sorts on the 7th. This would be an opportunity to meet the new members of our community, hear about the theory courses being offered this semester, and discuss various topics of general interest. In particular, there has been a bit of talk about various note-taking and audience feedback schemes we might want to try out at theory lunch.

So… town meeting? Yea or nay? If people are interested and would actually attend, I’ll try and set something up. If and when I do set something up, I’ll send out an announcement.

  1. I think this is a good idea.

    BTW, it will work in your favor if you send an email to theory dash students at cs and point them here to cast their vote as comments.

  2. I’d go, definitely.

    If there are things you think we should talk about, maybe we should have someone act as a discussion facilitator. But if it’s more of a hang-out-and-get-to-know-each-other thing, maybe that amount of structure is not necessary.

    I’m not sure what note-taking schemes have been discussed, but there is this thing,, which has talks from lots of universities and not CMU.

  3. What I’m picturing is pretty informal. If anyone has a particular topic they would like to have discussed, they should be prepared to lead the discussion! Sound good?

  4. So unfortunately I won’t be in Pittsburgh at the time – can someone write a summary or something and let me know how it went?
    Thanks :-D


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