Command Line Mute

Your laptop just makes the familiar “oh-oh” sound. You know you have an instant message in ICQ.

The problem is, it’s 5:30 in the morning right now… Indeed you forgot to turn off your speaker the night before.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

The one last time this happened to me, I decided to fix this problem once and for all. So I wrote a command line utility that lets me mute and un-mute my computer speaker. Couple this with the Task Scheduler in Windows, my laptop knows when to keep quiet. :)

Usage: cmdmute [0|1]
0 - Mute OFF
1 - Mute ON
Toggle if no argument is given.

Update on 2007-01-30: Source posted. Compile it with cl cmdmute.cpp winmm.lib

Update on 2008-11-11: I use this only on Windows XP and I don’t have Vista for testing.

Update on 2008-12-23: I heard that nircmd works on Windows Vista.

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  1. This is what i’m looking for, ver big thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Great app mate! I have windows vista. I have tried running this after putting the app in System32 folder…it doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?
    Please advise.

    - Tushar

  3. Extremely handy. Especially when my laptop hotkeys are broken. Thanks mate!

  4. Super!

    Used it on HP thin clients that are installed with WinPE configuration. Works just fine!

    Thank you for sharing..

    Greetings Sander

  5. Don’t work in win 7. No UAC

  6. Dude! A hundred thanks.. This is what I was looking for.. something like a mute.exe which can be used in combination with scheduled tasks..

    I have a nice use of it.. I play some nice instrumentals just before sleeping but dont want to waste power by keeping the PC on for the whole night.. So I schedule a task for turning the PC off after about an hour.. but that shrill sound of shutting down windows wakes me up sometimes.. so just before shutting down now I schedule it to mute the PC..

    Wonderful man! thanks a ton again.

  7. Works great!
    Thank you so much. This is the right tool for the job.

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